What are the major causes of unemployment in India?

The major causes of unemployment in India:

Following are the main causes of unemployment in India-

major causes of unemployment in India

(i) Poor rate of Growth: One of the important cause of unemployment in India is regarded as the slower pace of growth. The size of important depends on the level of development to a larger extent. As slower pace of growth has developed in India, therefore the problem of unemployment remain high. 

(ii) Population explosionThe fundamental case of unemployment problem in India is high rate of population growth since independence. Consequently, the huge labor force has supplied into the economy, but demand fails to increased.

 (iii) Agricultural backwardness: In India heavy pressure of population on long along with use of outmoded techniques of production are responsible for poor growth of agriculture. Consequently, the problem of disguised unemployment has arised.  

(iv) Inadequate unemployment policy: The government mental policy for solving the problem of unemployment is adequate and is full of deficit. It completely neglects the unemployment problem and under utilization of human resources. 

(v) Poverty problem: Poverty and unemployment both are inter related to one another. It should be noted that both unemployment and poverty maintains cause and effect relationship. The continuous increase in problem of poverty results, continuous growth of unemployment

(vi) Lack of labour intensive technique: Unemployment problem has arissed in India due to lack of proper development of labour intensive technique of production. It can be stated that the labour intensive technique has the greater capacity to exploit more labour than capital intensive technique has the greater capacity to exploit more labour than capital.

(vii) Insufficient industrial development: India is industrially a very poor county. Due to capital in availability, lack of technology, security of raw materials, the industrial sector in India fails to generate sufficient important opportunities in the country. 

(viii) Defective education system: Indian education system in full of defects as it fails to provide quality labour into the market. Due to lack of technical and vocational education, the unemployment problem in India is going to increase day by day. 

(ix) Lack of development of cottage industries: The small scale and cottage industries have the greater capacity to exploit huge unemployment person as requirement of invention is low. Due to poor credit facilities these industries in India are remain backward which fail to increase labour demand. 

(x) Other causes: There are some other causes to which may create the problem of unemployment to a large extent. These problem include lack of proper availability of self employment, regional disparities problem, defective social system etc.

What measures would you suggest to solve the unemployment problem in India?

 Following measures can be suggested for solving the unemployment problem in India-

(i) Population Control: The most fundamental cause of large scale unemployment in India is the high growth rate of population. So, adequate measures should be laid of the control of growth of population through family welfare Programme specially in the rural and backward areas of the country. 

(ii) Modernization of Agriculture: In order to eradicate the problem of rural unemployment the agriculture sector of the country should be modernized. Attempts also should be made for waste land development and diversification of agriculture activities. 

(iii) Development of allied sector: The problem of Unemployment also be lacked by adopting measure to develop allied sector which includes activities like dairy farming, poultry farming, fishery etc. for the generating of employment and self employment opportunities of the rural areas of the country. 

(iv) Rapid development of industry: In order to solve the problem of urban unemployment immediate attempt must be expansion and modernisation and existing Industries and also setting of new industries. Some basic and heavy industries should also be expanded. So that huge number of employment opportunities can be created. 

(v) Banking Support: In order to solve the problem of urban unemployment, the scheduled commercial bank should come forward with rational proposal for the development of SSIS, various units in the services sector and also for the development of urban informal sector with a sympathetic attitude. 

(vi) Rural development schemes: In order to solve the rural unemployment problem, the Central as well as the State government should introduce (and eminent) rural development schemes. So, that benefit for such development goes to the poor people. 

(vii) SHGS and micro finance:  Adequate steps should be taken for promoting self help groups and provision should be made for micro finance through NGO towards. SHGS for generating self employment opportunities.

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