What are the Problems of Indian Agricultural System?

 The following are the main problems of Indian agricultural system:

(i) Inequality in land distribution: The distribution of land in India has not been properly or fairly distributed. Rather there is a considerable degree of concentration of land holding among the rich land lords, farmers and money tenders through out the country. But the vast majority of small farmers own a very small and uneconomic, size of holdings, resulting to higher cost per unit.

(ii) Land tenure system: The land tenure system practiced in India is suffering from lot of defects insecurity of tendency was a big problem for the tenants, particularly during the pre independence period. Although the land tenure system has been improving during the post independence period after the introduction of various land reforms measures but the problem of insecurity of tenancy and the eviction still prevails to the some of extent due to the presence of absente land Lords and be the name of transfer of land in various states of the country.

Problems of Indian Agricultural System

(iii) Cropping problem: The cropping pattern which shows the proportion of the area under different crops at a digenite point of time, is an important indicator of development and diversification of the sector. Food crops and non- food or each crops are the two types of crops produced by the agriculture sector of the country. As the prices of the each crops are becoming more and more attractive. Therefore more and more land have been diverted from the production of food crops into cash or commercial crops. This has been creating the problem of food crisis of the country.

(iv) Instability and fluctuations: Indian agriculture system is continuously subjected to instability arising out of fluctuations in weather and gamble of monsoon. As a result the production of good grains and other crops fluctuates widely leading to continuous fluctuations of prices of agriculture crops. This has created the element of estability in the agricultural operation of the country.

(v) Conditions of agricultural labourers: Agricultural labourers are the most exploited unorganised class in the rural population of the country. From the very beginning land lords and Zamindars exploited these labourers for their benefit and converted. Same of them as slaves or bonded labourers and forced to continue the system generation after generation.

(vi) Poor Farming Techniques and Agricultural process: The farmers in India have been adopting orthodox and inefficient method and technique of cultivation. It is only in recent years that the Indian farmers have started to adopt improved implement like steel thought, seeds droilts, borrows, hols etc. to a limited extent only.

(vii) Inadequate irrigation facilities: Indian agriculture is still suffering from lack of assumed and controlled water supply through artificial irrigation facilities. Thus the Indian farmers have to depend much upon rainfall which is neither regular or nor even.

(viii) Inadequate use of inputs: Indian agriculture is suffering from inadequate use of inputs like fertilizers and HYV seeds. Indian farmers are not applying sufficient quantity of fertilizers and even the application of farmyard dung manner is also inadequate.

(ix) Absence of crop relation: Proper relation of crops is very much essential for successful agricultural operations as it helps to regain the fertility of the soil. Continuous production of creels on the same plot of land reduces the fertility of the crop which may be restored of other crops like pulse, vegetable etc are grown there.

(x) Lack of organised of agricultural marketing: Indian farmers are facing the problem of low income from their marketable surplus, crops in the absence of proper organised markets and adequate transportation facilities and such divided holdings are also creating the serious problem for the marketing their products.

(xi) Instability in agricultural prices: Fluctuation in the prices of agricultural products poses a big threat to Indian agriculture. For the interest of farmers the government should announce the policy of agricultural price support. So, as to contain a reasonable income from agricultural practise along with the providing incentives for it's expansion.

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