May 2021 Assam Current Affairs | Today Current Affairs.

Assam Current Affairs, useful for all upcoming Competitive exams of Assam Government, like Railway exams, Assam Police exam, APSC exam, etc.
May 2021 Assam Current Affairs

May 2021 Assam Current Affairs 

1. Which Indian state has launched a digital flood reporting system?
(i) Bihar
(ii) Assam
(iii) Kerala
(iv) Gujarat
Ans: (ii) Assam.
2. Who was the first governor of Assam after Independence?
(i) Sri Jairam Das
(ii) Sri Prakash
(iii) Sir MD Sayed Akbar Hydari
(iv) Sri Vishnu Sahay
Ans: (iii) Sir MD Sayed Akbar Hydari (15 August 1947 – 28 December 1948).
3. Homen Borgohain from Assam has recently passed away, He was a-
(i) Poet
(ii) Author
(iii) Joarnalist
(iv) All of these
Ans: (iv) All of these.
4. Which nation will become the world's fastest growing major economy by 2022 as per UN?
(i) India
(ii) China
(iii) USA
(iv) Indonesia
Ans: (i) India.
5. Which country is going to become the most populated country in the world by 2027?
(i) China
(ii) India
(iii) USA
(iv) Nepal
Ans: (ii) India.
6. Who became the first Indian to win the prestigious Seikh Zayed Award?
(i) Khelil Goiua
(ii) Juergen Verma's
(iii) Iran Mersal
(iv) Dr. Tahera Qutbuddin
Ans: (iv) Dr. Tahera Qutbuddin.
7. Recently which country's first Mars rover "Jhurong" has successfully landed on the red planet?
(i) China
(ii) Russia
(iii) Japan
(iv) India
Ans: (i) China.
8. Who was appointed as the executive director of Reserve Bank of India?
(i) Rajnish Kumar
(ii) Dinesh Kumar Khara
(iii) Jose J Kattar
(iv) Shaktikant Das
Ans: (iii) Jose J Kattar.
9. Which state announced to give Rs.5000 rupees per month to children orphaned due to Covid-19?
(i) Mizoram
(ii) Assam
(iii) Madhyapradesh
(iv) Bengal
Ans: (iii) Madhyapradesh.
10. Which country has successfully invented the single dose covid-19 vaccine?
(i) India
(ii) Russia
(iii) China
(iv) America
Ans: (ii) Russia.
11. According to Fitch report what is the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) growth rate estimated for India for financial year 2021-22?
(i) 7.5%
(ii) 8%
(iii) 9.5%
(iv) 9%
Ans: (iii) 9.5%
These above all questions are very important for all upcoming exam including UPSC, APSC, Banking exam etc. 

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