Assam Current Affairs Today | August-September Assam Current Affairs 2021

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Assam Current Affairs Today | August-September Assam Current Affairs 2021

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August-September Assam Current Affairs 2021

1. Which has become the first national park in India to use satellite phones?

(i) Kaziranga

(ii) Bandhavgarh

(iii) Jim Corbet

(iv) Nagarhole

Ans: (i) Kaziranga.

2. Which state has become the first in the country to give free water to people?

(i) Assam

(ii) Goa

(iii) Bihar

(iv) Kerala

Ans: (ii) Goa.

3. What is the rank of India in the global youth development index 2021?

(i) 101

(ii) 150

(iii) 122

(iv) 182

Ans: (iii) 122

4. Which country has won the highest number of medals in Tokyo Olympic 2020?

(i) India

(ii) Brazil

(iii) China

(iv) USA

Ans: (iv) USA.

5. The World water week 2021 has organised in India on which dates of this year?

(i) 21-26 August

(ii) 23-27 August

(iii) 22-26 August

(iv) 25-31 August.

Ans: (ii) 23-27 August.

6. What is the name given to the mission that started for the evacuation of Indians from Afghanistan?

(i) Devi Shakti

(ii) Shiv Shakti

(iii) B. Samudra Setu

(iv) Mission Afgan

Ans: (i) Devi Shakti.

7. Recently which union territory has inaugurated the SAATH initiative?

(i) Sikkim

(ii) Jammu and Kashmir

(iii) Ladakh

(iv) Andaman and Nicobar Island

Ans: (ii) Jammu and Kashmir.

8. Who has successfully test fired a supersonic cruise missile "Nirbhay"?

(i) Defense Ministry of India.

(ii) BSF

(iii) DRDO

(iv) ISRO

Ans: (iii) DRDO.

9. The World bank has stopped funding for projects in which country?

(i) Turkey

(ii) Pakistan

(iii) North Korea

(iv) Afganistan.

Ans: (iv) Afganistan.

10. When Assam sports day was celebrated?

(i) 1 September

(ii) 2 September

(iii) 3 September

(iv) 4 September

Ans: (iii) 3 September.

11. The international day against nuclear test is held on which date?

(i) 29 August

(ii) 30 August

(iii) 31 August

(iv) 1 September

Ans: (i) 29 August.

12. Yogesh Kathuria has claimed the silver medal for India at which event in Paralympic 2021?

(i) Archery

(ii) Shooting

(iii) Discuss Throw

(iv) Javelin Throw

Ans: (iii) Discuss Throw.

13. Avani Lekhara has own the gold for India at which event of Tokyo Paralympic 2020?

(i) Archery

(ii) Shooting

(iii) Discuss Throw

(iv) Javelin Throw

Ans: (ii) Shooting.

14. Whose birthday from below is celebrated as Abhiruchi Sports day?

(i) Bhogeswar Boruah

(ii) Manalisha Boruah Mehta

(iii) Jayanta Talukdar

(iv) Shiva Thapa

Ans: (i) Bhogeswar Boruagh.


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